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About Us

We are a small batch brewery located in Barrhaven. Our specialty is to bring you quality single batch brews. Often duplicating our most popular Ales. As any en-devour begins as a dream. Many home brewers dream of opening their own brewery. We decided to take that extra step to make our dream a reality. Our goal is to produce a refined, balanced, quality products. Our taste profile will appeal to all beer drinkers. For the new comers to the craft beer industry, our Area 51 Cream Ale to an everyday drinker, our Chemtrail Pale Ale. 

What Conspiracies are now Brewing

Stage Landing Blonde Ale - Available 


Chemtrail American Pale Ale - Available October 7th 


New World Order Ale - Available

One of our signature offerings. This hybrid hopped Ale provides  a refreshing citrus flavour for your pallet.

IBU: 25 | ABV 5.1%


Iambic Pentameter - Available

A Belgium Red Ale blended with tart cherries and aged in oak.

IBU: 15 | ABV: 5.5%


Flat Earth IPA - Available

Blood  Orange IPA!  We figured we would brew up a beer in honour of those who  believe that the earth is indeed flat and learn about the Flat Earth  Society. This is a 6% ABV treat that we brewed using Warrior and  Centennial hops and contains lemon, orange flesh and blood orange  flavours. 

IBU: 55 | ABV: 6.0%


Lost Cosmonaut Imperial Porter - Out of Stock

This midnight black porter was canned at 12:00am just to make sure no additional light was added. Pouring provides a nice thick tan coloured head with a creamy body. Drinking this porter you will notice the coffee, caramel and bitter chocolate flavours. 

IBU:30 | ABV: 7.5%


Bermuda Triangle IPA - Out of Stock

A New England style IPA that is hazy and lightly bittered that is a step from the normal West Coast IPAs. Using 55oz of hops from 5 different varieties to provide a tropical flavours of Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Grapefruit and Orange.

IBU: 60 | ABV: 6.0%

Area 51 Cream Ale -  Out of Stock

Our workhorse beer. Nothing will satisfy you more on a hot summers day while doing yard work. This light coloured beer provides just enough bitterness to quench your thirst.

IBU:16 | ABV: 4.8%

New Releases

 This  weekend we release "FLAT EARTH" our first Blood Orange IPA!  We figured  we would brew up a beer in honour of those who believe that the earth  is indeed flat and learn about the Flat Earth Society. This is a 6% ABV  treat that we brewed using Warrior and Centennial hops and contains  lemon, orange flesh and blood orange flavours.

Listen, all those dinosaurs? they fell off the edge and we wanted to honour their memory.,,may they forever be remembered.... 

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